B-Block Sec.23 Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad 201002, India

The school campus is spread over a large area and provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically designed building with ample lung space. To enable the process of teaching and learning, well-ventilated classrooms are set up comprising of a streamlined Science Laboratory, Atal Tinkering Laboratory (ATL) sanctioned by NITI Aayog. Govt. of India to enhance scientific attitude and innovation, Maths Laboratory, a Library fit with books of different genres, a Computer Lab. and Language Lab. with 40 computers, Art Room to enhance creativity, Sports Room and a Rifle/Pistol Shooting Range to provide the students an exposure to the sport, all with an awe-inspiring Wi-Fi enabled campus.

At Bhagirath Public School, we take pride in our modern and comprehensive infrastructure, designed to provide an enriching and conducive learning environment for our students.

Bhagirath Public School, Ghaziabad, boasts a modern and well-planned infrastructure that provides a conducive environment for holistic learning and development. Our spacious and well-equipped classrooms are designed to facilitate interactive and engaging teaching. The school features cutting-edge science and computer labs that encourage hands-on learning experiences, fostering innovation and scientific exploration.

Our library is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering a vast collection of books, reference materials, and digital resources to instill a love for reading and independent research. The sprawling sports complex ensures students have access to various sports, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy competition.

Dedicated studios for arts and crafts provide a space for creative expression, fostering imagination and artistic development. Specialized rooms for music and dance allow students to explore and showcase their talents in the performing arts. We prioritize technology integration in education, with computer labs, e-learning tools, and high-speed internet preparing students for the digital age.

Ensuring the well-being of our students, a well-equipped medical room with trained staff is available for immediate health assistance. Our cafeteria serves nutritious meals in a hygienic environment, promoting healthy eating habits among students. We provide safe and efficient transportation services to ensure a convenient commute for students. At Bhagirath Public School, our infrastructure is designed to support diverse needs, encourage curiosity, and prepare students for a dynamic future.

Our infrastructure is a testament to our commitment in providing a holistic education that nurtures academic excellence, creativity, and physical well-being. Bhagirath Public School stands as a symbol of modern educational facilities that caters to the diverse needs of our students, preparing them for success in a dynamic world.