B-Block Sec.23 Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad 201002, India

At BPS, a holistic teaching approach is followed. Our goal is to develop learners who are spiritually conscious, emotionally stable, and intellectually engaged. Our wider choice of extracurricular and academic offerings is supported by pedagogical ideas that encourage the development of young minds.

In BPS, modern education system goes hand-in-hand with traditional gurukul system which lays emphasis on holistic learning with an incremental focus on professional, social, religious and spiritual education. The basis of this education system was to focus on Indian culture and Sanātana Dharma in which we practice Anapana meditation to achieve a higher state of mind.

We follow a blend of methods which include project-based learning, play-way method, role play method, inductive and deductive approach and audio-visual aids. Hence, there is a lot of listening and speaking practice, often in pairs or small groups, maximizing each students' overall growth.

Teaching Methodologies